Configurateur Armoire Pax Ikea

Configurateur Armoire Pax Ikea. How to assemble sliding doors for Ikea pax wardrobe. Un tour dans les éléments de la gamme pax de chez ikea pour composer son dressing ou tout simplement sa penderie.#rangement Le système rangement PAX avec son aménagement intérieur KOMPLEMENT vous permet de réaliser une armoire ou un dressing exactement comme vous le souhaitez.

PAX Wardrobe - 98 3/8x23 5/8x93 1/8 " - IKEA
PAX Wardrobe – 98 3/8×23 5/8×93 1/8 " – IKEA (Vincent Barton)

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For the doors, I am actually using a Ikea Pax frame without the bottom shelve creating a like an actual frame of a door.

Good news is … yes, you can shorten PAX wardrobes.

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PAX Wardrobe – IKEA

PAX Wardrobe – IKEA

PAX Wardrobe – IKEA

PAX Armoire-penderie – IKEA

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PAX Wardrobe – IKEA

PAX Armoire-penderie – 200x38x201 cm – IKEA

The first modification to the PAX frames was therefore to re-drill the holes for the bottom kickboard dowels to make them flush with the edges of the PAX sides as just discussed. It is so versatile in its configuration and is totally plain, ready for an Ikea Pax hack! For doors, at the beginning I used a sliding door from IKEA, where the racks are attached on the back side of the frames.